Who’s The Reviewer?

My name is Allison Kingsley and I’m a proud home owner with two dogs.  I take an active role in my dogs life from training to grooming.  In my spare time, I love to share tips and ideas that I know have worked well for me.

I started grooming my own dog when I realized how much money I could save doing it myself.  So, I took to the internet to find out everything I can.  I asked neighbors and friends about what they do.  I consider myself a semi-pro at grooming because I’ve been doing it a while!  So, I created this site to help you understand what to look for in dog grooming clippers and most of all, where to get the best deal!

How Do You Get Your Information?

Well, I’m very active in the dog care community.  I take part in forum and twitter discussions often.  I also go straight to the manufacturer of some of these dog clippers and run through their user manuals.  To add to that, I also read a lot of different user reviews from others who have bought clippers themselves, too.  I put it all together for you!

How Can I Contact You?

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @DomesticAllison


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