Andis 64315 CeramicEdge Detachable Blade Size 10Looking for Andis Clipper Blades?  We’ll point you in the right direction.  It’s important to know which blade you need for your specific dog.  Some blades are also only meant to cut certain areas of the dog as well.   Quality blades (and the right blades for the job) are certainly worth the investment and can make a huge difference in your grooming experience.

Where Should You Buy Them?

To be honest, I am a huge fan of (click here to see all of the blades on sale).   They have every single blade you need and for a lot cheaper than you would find in the stores.  What’s also nice is that many of these blades qualify for free shipping.

How To Figure Out Which Andis Blade You Need

Here is an Andis Blade Guide (click here for the guide).  It will explain to you which blades are good for all breeds and mixed breeds.  It’ll also be more specific for certain dogs that need different blades.

Difference Between UltraEdge And Ceramic Edge?

With Andis blades, you can choose between CeramicEdge and UltraEdge blades.  CeramicEdge blades do run a little bit more cooler and stay sharper over time.  You also clean both blades the same exact way.  I’d recommend watching the video below for a brief explanation of the differences between the two.

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