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Oster 78005 Golden A5 Single-Speed ClippersOster is one of the best appliance makers in the world. They create a wide range of quality house tools that make the lives of homemakers around the world easier. One of the products that they make is animal grooming tools. These clippers are essential for those that intend to do their grooming jobs by themselves or those that are thinking of turning animal grooming into a business. One of the better grooming products by Oster are the Oster 78005 Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper.  Here, we’ll cover what you need to know if you’re thinking about buying them.

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Features of the Oster Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper

  • It’s measuring at 3 x 10.5 x 6 inches, at par with most clippers.
  • Its weight of 2 pounds makes it good standard equipment for those that are grooming their pets at home.
  • It is constructed to take on heavy duty work with a versatile motor, a solid structure, and efficient blades.
  • The Golden A5 is powered by a universal rotary motor that is capable of pulling off most jobs.
  • With a force of 2100 strokes a minute, it has the ability to cut through some pretty difficult clipping jobs.
  • Unlike most heavy duty clippers though, it only comes at one speed, meaning the only option is 2100 strokes a minute.
  • The blade assembly is designed in such a way that detaching it would be a breeze.
  • It is not only compatible with Oster A5 blades, but it is also compatible with Cryogen-X blades with antibiotic silver ion coating, and with the wider Take-Down-Quick blades.
  • Additional equipment include one blade, a blade guard, grease, brushes, and an instruction manual.

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User Reviews of the Oster Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper

Here’s what a lot of the owners of the Oster Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper have to say about their grooming clippers. Despite the seemingly paltry stroke rate of 2100, it is surprisingly effective once you actually use it.   It can still get through some pretty thick coats without any problems. It is guaranteed to make your grooming activities a breeze with its efficient cutting action. Such an effective tool can cut grooming time by a huge portion. In addition, the noise of the clippers is pretty low, so it doesn’t freak out your dog while you’re grooming them. On the downside, there are those that complain that it loses its great performance after some rounds of use. This can be remedied however by following maintenance guidelines. The blades should be periodically cleaned and lubricated in order to keep it functioning like it is brand new.

As you can see, the Oster Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper earned some mixed reviews. Some liked it, and yet some don’t. Still, while it is not exactly the most perfect or user friendly product there is, it is still a very useful grooming tool. Known to cut through even the toughest of coats, it can help you get that grooming job done.

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Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper KitThe Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit is a little bit cheaper than some of the higher-end professional style clippers.  Although, this particular grooming clippers is still getting the job done for a lot of pet owners.

Where To Buy?

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Powerful Rotary Motor

It features a power rotary motor that can cut at about 3700 strokes per minute, which is pretty fast.  It only has one speed, so you can’t slow it down or speed it up.  It also boasts about quiet it is as well, which is pretty important because the last thing you need is your dog freaking out to the sound of a vibrating machine on its body.

Very Compatible Blades

What’s also nice is that the blades are pretty interchangeable with other Andis clippers.  It’s also compatible with the Oster A5 blades as well.  It’s shaped to fit your hand pretty well and it’s housing is difficult to break.

Here’s what the kit includes:

  • Clippers
  • CeramicEdge blade Size 10
  • 4 combs you can attach
  • Oil to maintain the blades
  • Carrying case

Features of the Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit:

  • Powerful and Quiet rotary motor
  • Can trim and groom at 3700 strokes per minute
  • Interchangeable blades with the Oster A5 blades
  • Contoured shape to fit your hand comfortably
  • Housing is break resistant
  • 1 year limited warranty
Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit

Buy From

Here’s what customers are saying about the Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper:

At this current point, these dog grooming clippers has 130 different customer reviews on with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good.

One reviewer mentioned that they bought this same exact model several years ago and it’s still running pretty well!  He admits that he is using it on a smaller dog, though.  However, another reviewer also mentioned that it’s the only clipper out of 4 different ones that he’s tried that hasn’t broken on him.  So these couple reviews speak some credibility for how durable it is.

There are also quite a few comments on how quiet the clippers are.  One person said that his Schnauzer hates the professional groomers and it took them forever to groom his dog because he wouldn’t sit still.  He decided to take up the task of grooming his dog himself and bought the Andis 21420 Pro-Animal.  His Schnauzer was able to ignore it completely except for when it was around his ears, which makes sense.

There have been some comments about how quickly it can cut through coats with a lot or difficult hair.  There’s no question that it can cut through difficult coats easily, however, it can take a little bit longer.  If you want to groom fast, you might want to upgrade.  However, if you take your time, you shouldn’t find any problem at all.

A lot of people have bought these clippers, which is what brought our attention to it.  The most promising feature of it seems to be how quiet they are.  We feel safe in recommending the Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit as a safe purchase.