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There’s a lot more that goes into dog grooming than doing it just to keep them clean. The process actually entails hygienic care which includes hair trimming, nail trimming, bathing, and more.  It’s important to know that grooming depends on the breed, age, and health status of the dog.  Some dogs could go a while without getting groomed while others are going to need it on a regular basis.

Dog grooming requires a different set of dog grooming equipment.  This equipment may range from brushes to trimmers to clippers. Most of the professional dog groomers use dog grooming scissors to cut or shorten hair in sensitive parts or small areas that clippers may have difficulty reaching.  The standard pair of scissors used for this purpose would either be 6.5 inches to 9 inches long.  It’s somehow longer than the usual scissors used for hair dressing.

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One of the more helpful items for dog grooming are clippers. Dog clippers are normally used to trim coats.  This is especially needed when the hair turns thick, coarse, and unmanageable. A wide range of high quality dog clippers are manufactured to address each of these needs.

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Clipper blades determine the outcome of the dog coat trimming. There are actually a number of varieties of blades in the market that address particular cutting needs.  For example, ceramic blades reduce heat while skip tooth blades are great for cutting coarse coats. There are also finishing blades and toe blades. It’s good to know that the lower the number, the longer the blad.  The higher the number, the shorter the blade. It’s also important to have an idea on what you want the trim to look like.

Brushes and combs are also good dog grooming equipment to be considered. There are lots of dog brushes in the market. Choose the one which provides ease of use, comfort, and practicality over physical appearance.  More importantly, choose the brush or comb which is most appropriate for your dog as different breeds will only benefit from certain types of brushes. As a rule, always remember that wide-toothed brushes or combs are good for coarse, curly and long-haired dogs, while tightly-packed bristles are ideal for short and fine-haired dogs.

Oster 78004 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers

Oster 78004 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers – Click for more info

The Coat King is another grooming tool used to help with shedding.  Like the shedding blade, the coat king is great to use in getting rid of a dead undercoat before using clippers. This tool is versatile as it also functions as a detangling and de-matting tool.

The rakes, like the coat king, are also used in effectively removing dog’s dead undercoats. The rake’s teeth are specifically designed to to pull out hair that is trapped under the outer coat.

Gloves, mitts, and pads are also necessary dog grooming equipment and are basically used in giving them a bath. These tools give a luster shine to the dog’s coat especially when used with a comb or brush.

This dog grooming equipment can be purchased from leading dog shops or can be bought through online shopping stores. To ensure the quality of the product, it’s smart to do a little research before buying a certain product.

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