Oster 78004 Powermax 2-Speed ClippersAll dog owners know that grooming their pets is a necessity.  For the pet owners who choose to do it themselves instead of bring their dog to a professional groomer, a  good set of dog grooming clippers can be one of the more valuable tools in your arsenal to get the job done.

Let’s consider some points on how to buy grooming tools for your dog or pet. Of course, two of the things most of us will first take into account are the price and functionality. At Amazon.com, the companies Andis and Oster have a variety of dog grooming clippers that can come with free shipping. They have great deals that offer 25% to 45% savings. We’ll discuss the features and comparison of these products later.

If you are deciding to handle the task of grooming your pup yourself, the next thing you’ll want to consider careful before buying a set is the convenience and safety of the clippers. We always prefer stuff that we could bring anywhere we go without a hassle. The weight and dimension of the clippers will be a determining factor on this.

On the other hand, the weight of both brands ranges from 1 lb. to 2.3 lbs. The products only differ in dimension but all six are convenient to carry anywhere.

Features of Andis Dog Grooming Clippers:

  • 4×4 blade drive and high speed motor
  • Clipper comes with either super locking blade or #10 blade
  • A case or housing that is break-resistant and handy
  • Designed and manufactured for super fast cutting and long-term use
  • UltraEdge or CeramicEdge blades may be used, but sold separately
  • Removable blade caps that are easy to clean
  • Weight ranges from 1.57 – 2.3 lbs
  • One year warranty

Features of Oster Dog Grooming Clippers:

  • Blade system: detachable for fast and easy changing of blades
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Has CryogenX blade (AgION coating to reduce bacteria)
  • Has either 1-speed or 2-speed clippers that offers versatility for pet grooming
  • Weight ranges from 1-2 lbs.


Now that we have an idea on things to consider when buying dog clippers, let’s check out some of the reviews posted by the consumers.

Most of the reviews are positive especially for Andis grooming tools. Compared with Oster, some have complained that Oster brands tend to heat up the blades easily so there’s still a need to use a coolant. Andis on the other hand works well even on long-haired dogs and there is little tendency of clogging in the blades. It is also a little more quiet compared with some of the Oster brands.

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