So, you bought yourself one of the best dog clippers on the market but are looking for a way to protect your investment.  All clippers, whether for humans or animals, should be cleaned and well lubricated after each use.  I wanted to recommend some of the more popular cleaning and lubricating products out there so that you don’t wind up buying the cheap and ineffective stuff.

You’ll also find that some of these dog clipper cleaning products can also cool down hot clippers.  All pet clippers are prone to getting hot and potentially feeling uncomfortable to your pet.  So, it’s nice to have a solution that has it all in one spray.


Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade Cleaner

Andis Cool Care Plus Clipper Blade CleanerThis is a popular choice among pet owners because it does it all very well.  It cleans, disinfects,  lubricates, prevents rust, and even cools the clippers while they are hot.  This spray will certainly do its job without you having to remove the blade itself.

This cleaner currently has 15 reviews by people who bought it with an average rating of 4.2/5 stars.  One former dog groomer who bought made the switch to this cleaner from older brand, and was happy with the way it worked.  Another person bought it because he cuts his own hair and beard.  He said one can has lasted over a year and a half and he definitely sees himself buying it again.


Oster Kool Lube III Spray Coolant

Oster Kool Lube IIIThe Kool Lube is the second most popular pet clipper cleaner on  It currently has 5 reviews by users who have bought it with an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.  This is another all-in-one product that can clean, cool, and lubricate your blades all in one shot.

One person who bought this lubricant because she kept having to swap out the blades on her clippers during one grooming sessions.  After buying this, all she has to do is give her blades a spray and not have to worry about changing the blades again.


Oster Blade Wash

Oster Blade WashThis blade wash is something you want to use after each grooming session.  It works hard to remove hair that is stuck in the blades and remove any factory preservatives from the blades.  It does provide some lubricant as well.

It currently has 5 reviews on with an average rating of 5/5 stars.  Customers who have bought this have found that their clippers are less effective when they don’t use this blade wash inbetween grooming sessions.

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